Nordic Nosedive:  Skiing Fails
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Stupidity At Its Best | FailArmy
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Месяц назад
Crash of the Titans | You Break It, We Buy It
It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
Crash of the Titans | You Break It, We Buy It
Best Animal Fails of 2020 | FailArmy
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qraqut 15 часов назад
1:52 pewnie Syzyf
Elliot Jord
Elliot Jord 15 часов назад
I love cats
Josh Benson
Josh Benson 15 часов назад
This isn’t “like a boss vs fail”... it’s “after loads of takes vs first take”
Creative Studio
Creative Studio 15 часов назад
Those are called stupidity.. wasn't that funny though.
Hayden Preweda
Hayden Preweda 15 часов назад
What kind of song is that? 4:51
Ghostlight X
Ghostlight X 15 часов назад
Juniper? lmao
Aryan's Arena
Aryan's Arena 15 часов назад
2:37 I think his arm vanished.
Abdul Shoaib
Abdul Shoaib 15 часов назад
12:48 now thats just cruel
Lynsey Grove
Lynsey Grove 15 часов назад
Incred faill🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
Martin Jansa
Martin Jansa 15 часов назад
1:07 Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit :D:D:D:D:D
Stauffhendark 15 часов назад
0:32 so funny uh??? He could got impaled
Gabriel Lopez
Gabriel Lopez 15 часов назад
y luego se preguntan porque los hombres vivimos menos XD
bella 15 часов назад
bella 15 часов назад
RecklessRex 15 часов назад
Bro I don't get the appeal of videos of parents trashing expensive electronic equipment to "teach the kid a lesson." Like it's not funny. It's abusive and stupid and borderline cringey.
janith srilal
janith srilal 15 часов назад
1.28 😂
Frida Scharff
Frida Scharff 15 часов назад
OMG bin so schadenfreudig😂😁😁
Gaurav M
Gaurav M 15 часов назад
Nigol66 15 часов назад
OMG so many favorites clips.... the nunchucks! LMAO or that kid punching the stick (in slow motion) LOL
Фарида Гарипова
Фарида Гарипова 15 часов назад
Youcef Bouchakour
Youcef Bouchakour 15 часов назад
Where in the fuck is the fun
JORDÁN PITITI 15 часов назад
Sara Mustafina
Sara Mustafina 15 часов назад
Some dads are so stupid...
The Fish Guy
The Fish Guy 15 часов назад
3:00 how many hours does it take to go 80 miles per hour? Then says it will in kilometers, oh ya one hour.
adam trzcina
adam trzcina 15 часов назад
Omg that s**t is funny AF🤣🤣🤣🤣💥
Gjdjd Gzhdj
Gjdjd Gzhdj 15 часов назад
The lacking call tinctorially remain because salad posteriorly concentrate aboard a first screwdriver. belligerent, sloppy dad
MARIA kati
MARIA kati 15 часов назад
تكرفستي عليا سير الله ياخد فيك الحق
Konsequenz 15 часов назад
2:59 magicarp used splash very effective
Lakshana. S 9A
Lakshana. S 9A 15 часов назад
Oops🤦‍♂!! recommend😅after 4 years😏.. Who 🤜 agree 👍 with 🤙 me 🗣️ Like ❤ here 👇
Juan Gonzalez
Juan Gonzalez 15 часов назад
2:34 It’s not her first time
Jonny Granville
Jonny Granville 15 часов назад
Its ok, she's pretty, doesn't need to be smart. 3:33
its me
its me 15 часов назад
5:57 - 6:12. Watch the movie "Super Size Me" it'll turn you off from McDonald's. I haven't ate there since 2004 because of that movie. McDonld's stopped super-sizing after the movie. They claim they didn't stop because of the film, but the timing is interesting. Just think about how unhealthy that is for you and with that what it must be doing to your body. Especially if you're someone who eats fast food constantly. Care more about your body not what's easy and tastes the best to you. Personally, I stopped eating fast food altogether when I hit the age of 18. (I'm currently 27)
exxxistent 15 часов назад
2:30 gold
jerome callec
jerome callec 15 часов назад
Y au na ki non rien ds le cerveau MDR
Cree Nation
Cree Nation 15 часов назад
The first one.. *Laughed My [email protected] A$$ Off*
Tots 16
Tots 16 15 часов назад
Half these people do this to themselves.
j.network3232 15 часов назад
ToMRiDDlE 16 часов назад
0:50 Life changes everybody
AsneakyLemon 16 часов назад
So we gonna ignore the fact that the guy showering in the beginning had the shower curtain on the outside of the tub⁉️
Willian Cauper
Willian Cauper 16 часов назад
3:10 Loser? I don't get it i can't find
Витез реда Змаја
Витез реда Змаја 16 часов назад
That amphibian DeLorean at 02:50 was not fail, that was a win of it's kind!
Robert Ostermann
Robert Ostermann 16 часов назад
Jason Lock
Jason Lock 16 часов назад
Bad choice to watch this while I eat lunch
pullanisu 16 часов назад
Lol suomalaisii
Stef Landolt
Stef Landolt 16 часов назад
😂 hahaha leuk
Ritu Raj
Ritu Raj 16 часов назад
14:25 loved this part
NEMO HOMINE 16 часов назад
The first one
Elias Önneskog
Elias Önneskog 16 часов назад
Im fail to try to not laugh
Kasakka 16 часов назад
7:45 I love that laugh
Pengochan 16 часов назад
1:10 And 20 years from now she'll be accused of "blackfacing".
Suvendu Karar
Suvendu Karar 16 часов назад
Natural weather of looking for legendary memories by awesome signified. But, good for people's time-pass laughter's for excited about attomic entertainment.
Kasakka 16 часов назад
0:03 is the drone ok
alya afiqah
alya afiqah 16 часов назад
it's always the animal one that's funny i'm wheezhing
Shufrenis Loo
Shufrenis Loo 16 часов назад
Haha I can't stop laughing
Глап Мамасадыкова
Глап Мамасадыкова 16 часов назад
😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂
Lee Motosuwa
Lee Motosuwa 16 часов назад
1:39 this Guy should be the president of the world
Tijay 16 часов назад
I failed the challenge
FailArmy 16 часов назад
Thumbnail is at 4:33 enjoy!
Christopher Ramos
Christopher Ramos 16 часов назад
Salih Ghost
Salih Ghost 16 часов назад
6:13..pretending to be hurt so they don't get mad at you...then when they see what you recorded you're done..
Dave Johnson
Dave Johnson 16 часов назад
Wait, I need A LOT more info about the 4:23 minute mark
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden 16 часов назад
cleaning the floor. epic
веня 001
веня 001 16 часов назад
idiot 16 часов назад
How stupid
AJB 16 часов назад
That pug walking on his front legs was not fail
Christian Roemer
Christian Roemer 16 часов назад
9:02 Rule number one about proposing (For date or engagement): Never do it in public! 😔
lflf wdhfxj Rotter
lflf wdhfxj Rotter 16 часов назад
Steijn J. Heijnen
Steijn J. Heijnen 17 часов назад
Fact & Knowledge
Fact & Knowledge 17 часов назад
03:39 what the hell.. 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️
sujon khan
sujon khan 17 часов назад
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Mohamed Salah
Mohamed Salah 17 часов назад
Wow 😲
David Anderson
David Anderson 17 часов назад
Friends: So what did you do when you got chased by A Flock Of Seagulls? Girl: I Ran.
TxExMxiii 17 часов назад
ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
Mike James #67
Mike James #67 17 часов назад
Hurry up and get your vaccine
Paula Pérez López
Paula Pérez López 17 часов назад
2:17 dont try this at home. Like, i dont have a huge sea in my house to drop my phone
Mike James #67
Mike James #67 17 часов назад
lonely strawberry
lonely strawberry 17 часов назад
3:42 anoles
lonely strawberry
lonely strawberry 17 часов назад
3:41 ankles